About Us
Jeremiah Samuel is a hair stylist who works out of his own salon on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood California. He is also a surfer originally from Australia. His father was a hair stylist before him. He's a stylist to the stars with a passion for protecting our oceans. That's why his product is not only the pinnacle for men's hair styling, it's packaging is recyclable and his company is eco friendly.

Personal style is a mysterious thing. Some people just seem to have it. Like they were born with it. But looking good is not effortless. It needs attention. I try to help my clients recognize their own individual look through a great hairstyle and with a quality styling product.  


I wanted to give my clients the right mix of a light sculpting hold with a smooth finishing touch. But I couldn’t find the right products and ended up combining things to get the result I wanted. Finally, I knew it was time to create these products myself. That’s how Samuel got started.